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Hong Kong | B.1991

Peep is a Hong Kong artist who draws influence from her personal experience and reflects the world seen through her lens as a contemporary woman. The delicate and vibrant paintings of women reveal an unfettered utopia of female leisure and joy, at times featuring animals representing the feelings and stories of people from different walks of life. Her works are often infused with a dash of cuteness in hopes of bringing joy and positive energy to the chaos in this world.

Following a minimal composition, Peep utilises smooth black outlines and muted primary colours to depict her popular female character with rounded features. Her play with flowing lines revitalises the simplistic scenes and delineates women’s unique vigour and vitality. Peep’s flat yet playful style visualises her yearning for ease and unsophistication in modern life. The artist hopes her paintings will spark a sense of joy and whimsy in the viewer, inviting them to take a step back and see the world in a more lighthearted and imaginative way.

After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2015, she enjoyed a fruitful career as the Art Director in an advertising agency whilst pursuing a career as a visual artist on Instagram. Since then, she has collaborated with well-known brands such as Casetify, and her works can be seen across the urban and media landscape, such as K11 Musea in Hong Kong, Vogue Hong Kong, Elle Hong Kong and M+ Museum Shop. She is currently based in Hong Kong.