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Hong Kong | B.1987

Cynthia Mak is an emerging Hong Kong artist who uses art as her creative platform to spread love and joy. Her abstract paintings composed of geometric shapes cleverly arranged into unique compositions have become her signature artistic style. Working with a minimal number of shapes and forms, her endless imaginings and experimentation with line work and colours has resulted in countless picturesque scenes of life exuding a pleasant atmosphere that draws in viewers.

In her early years, Cynthia was not great with her words so she turned to creating visuals as her form of expression. Although it took more effort, she loved the process and was able to explain herself much more clearly through her art. During the pandemic in 2021, Cynthia’s passion for art was reignited and she appreciated the total control she had over the entire painting process. Reminded by her younger self who used art to express herself, she decided to embark on a new journey of artistic exploration. Since then, she has exhibited at the M+ Museum Shop and collaborated with Hermès, Lane Crawford and Hong Kong Jockey Club, to list a few, on projects that bring their audience joy and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Cynthia earned her degree at Central St. Martins, London, where she found herself surrounded by truly talented creatives. These talented individuals inspired Cynthia to pursue fashion and eventually create CYNTHIA & XIAO with her good friend Xiao Xiao in 2014. They received widespread recognition and numerous awards for their unique contribution to fashion, including reaching the International WoolMark Prize semi-finals, receiving the HK ELLE Designer award, the Vogue Talents and Tatler Gen T awards, and more. Like her knitwear, Cynthia hopes to use art as a vessel to tell stories, express her endless imaginings, spreading joy and love.