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Joy Palace

22 Mar 2024


20 Apr 2024

Welcome to Joy Palace, where ancient Chinese traditions intertwine with modern inspiration, creating a vibrant celebration of love, harmony, and human connection. JPS Gallery proudly unveils the debut solo exhibition of Hong Kong’s rising star artist, Cynthia Mak. Her collection of abstract paintings draws from the classic Chinese palace and its intricate settings, narrating Cynthia’s artistic journey and mapping out what her inner palace looks like.

For Cynthia, a palace transcends physical dimensions—it’s a place where one feels at home, embraces themselves, and enjoy the company of loved ones. Influenced by her Hong Kong roots and global experiences, Cynthia’s latest works reimagine various Chinese elements through abstract shapes and vibrant colors. Joy Palace is an imaginary haven for you to journey through the artist’s experience over the years. As you explore, let Cynthia’s artwork envelop you, leaving you energized and loved.

Inspired by the structure of a traditional Chinese house, the exhibition space is separated into three areas: the front garden, the study and the parlour, each echoing the essence of Chinese architecture, reimagined with contemporary inspiration. As visitors step into the first area, the front garden, they encounter a serene lotus pond—a tranquil oasis. Here, Cynthia’s blossoming canvas paintings are exhibited on long stalks, much like flourishing lotus flowers. In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes growth and resilience. Despite murky conditions, the lotus miraculously blooms at daybreak, embodying hope and transformation. The four paintings emerging from the pond represent the virtues of all actions.This serene installation marks the beginning of Cynthia’s artistic journey—a reminder to focus on what truly matters by letting go of anything that no longer serves our purpose.

The second space is the study area, where you are invited to enjoy freedom as you explore an open canvas. Scattered paperwork and sketches cover the walls, resembling an extensive mind map. Initially, these shapes and forms may appear random, akin to a child’s creation. But with imagination, they hold the potential to become the foundation of an entirely new universe—an artistic playground where ideas take flight.

The exhibition’s main attraction is the parlour—a traditional Chinese living room reimagined. Here, people gather, connect, and share joyous sensations. Various Chinese chairs, each with its unique height and style, dot the room. Atop these chairs sit canvas paintings depicting everyday objects found in Chinese homes—landscape scenes, porcelain vessels, plants, and feng shui elements. Cynthia’s vibrant abstract style breathes life into these once-static objects, becoming part of the family dynamic she carefully crafts.Visitors are invited to sit on the empty chairs, interact with the paintings like they would with family and friends, and create their own stories—a beautiful fusion of tradition and contemporary expression.

Joy Palace is a pivotal milestone in Cynthia’s artistic journey. It encapsulates her core values: creating art that radiates happiness, sparks optimism, and fosters deep connections with loved ones. The concept of “PLAY” permeates the exhibition—a delightful invitation to engage, explore, and immerse oneself. So come play with us and immerse yourself in this euphoric experience that will leave you feeling more energised, loved and happy by the end of your visit.

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