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Hong Kong | B.1986

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lokz Phoenix is a painter and ceramicist whose artistic career began when she moved to Paris in 2016. 

Inspired by the female body as it is part of her identity and a visual language that best represents her, Lokz’s artworks offer an intimate view into the emotion, power and sensitivity within them. By exaggerating the movement of her characters and striking their faces, viewers can attain a deeper understanding of relationships and emotions through their body language. The sense of femininity instilled within her ceramics and oil paintings reveals Lokz’s intention to provide viewers with an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the female body through different mediums. 

Lokz studied graphic design and then worked in a fashion company for six years before beginning her career as an illustrator in 2013. Her artistic career only began in 2016 when she decided to take a leap of faith by moving to Paris, the capital of art. Since then, she has become one of the emerging stars in both Paris and Hong Kong art scenes, presenting solo exhibitions in both cities and exhibiting her works alongside an exciting roster of artists in group shows over the years. Lokz currently works and lives in Paris.