Hong Kong | B.1986

Born and raised in Hong Kong. Lokz Phoenix is a painter and ceramicist whose artistic career began when she moved to Paris in 2016.

Women are her main source of inspiration as it is part of her identity and a visual language that best represents her. Fascinated by women, she incorporates the intimacy, emotion, power and sensitivity embodied within their bodies into her works. Her unique visual language communicates her interest in relationships and feelings beyond the surface level. By exaggerating the movement of her characters and striking their faces, her works emphasise the importance of body language. Through her exploration of how to utilise different mediums such as ceramics and oil paintings to present her ideas, Phoenix hopes that her works provide viewers with an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the female body.

Lokz Phoenix studied graphic design then worked as an illustrator at a fashion house after graduation. After working at the same fashion house for six years, she decided to take a leap of faith by taking a year-long working holiday to continue her French studies in Paris. Moving to Paris, the capital of art, in 2016 marks the start of her artistic career. Since then, she has become one of the emerging stars in both Paris and Hong Kong art scenes, presenting solo exhibitions in both cities and exhibiting her works alongside an exciting roster of artists in group shows over the years. Lokz Phoenix currently works and lives in Paris.