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30 Jul 2022


30 Aug 2022

JPS Gallery is delighted to present a group exhibition titled Hullabaloo* to celebrate the triumphant characteristics of this era through various artistic representations of the human body expressed by visual language. This exhibition features four emerging artists with practices that observe and embrace the human form. Through the progressive lens of Florine Imo, Isabelle McCormick, Krzysztof Strzelecki and Lokz Phoenix, the presented works serve as documentation of their generation in the current times we all happen to witness.

We live in a time where we are inundated with a ceaseless flow of news and social media. Feelings of conflict, disorientation and absence in this modern world have become the norm. Everyday subsistence could be defined by uncertainty and confusion, topped with finding oneself on edge at any given moment. This exhibition investigates what it means to be human, living in a body that feels and exists, living in a world torn by conflicts, pandemics, and various real and surreal threats, wrapped under the blanket of social media and never-stopping news feeds. How does the new generation of artists respond to the seemingly chaotic modern times? What comes out as a final creation? Perhaps a well-manoeuvred manipulation of various visual languages. One is a given, that creation is infinite, almost embraced into human existence, and so is the existence of humans.

This exhibition is a celebration of the present, and the selected artists are ambassadors of the time whose works in the exhibition embrace the human body, identity, gender and sexuality with a progressive attitude representative of their generation and the modern world.

*A clamorous noise, uproar or commotion, made by people.

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