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Poland | B.1993

Krzysztof Strzelecki is a versatile artist who works in various media, including ceramics, photography and site-specific installations. Strzelecki’s influences encompass Christian iconography and ancient mythology. He explores the relationship between man and the environment, contrasting nature’s greatness with the human form’s fragility.

His work often engages with queer culture and probes how societies react to the LGBTQ+ communities and the issues of acceptance and prejudice that come along. His photographs are often taken in the open air, where the body is exposed to the elements of the environment around the subjects. In these nude photographs, he often acts as both model and photographer and documented his artistic creation process. He seeks to find answers to universal uncertainties regarding ‘where I belong’ and ‘how I see myself’?  

The approach to photography is incorporated into his ceramic work along with the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. He challenges the idealised form and embraces and appreciates the unpredictable beauty of imperfection – each piece is unique and tells its own narrative.

Strzelecki was born in 1993 in Świdnica, Southwest Poland. He earned a BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London in 2019. He is currently based between London and Świdnica.