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Un Regard Depuis Le Pont (A Glimpse From the Bridge)

14 Jun 2024


6 Jul 2024

Un regard depuis le pont (A Glimpse From the Bridge) brings together five contemporary artists, each with a distant artistic style influenced by their connection to France. Artists Edmond Li Bellefroid, Kean, Lokz Phoenix, Ricko Leung, and Timm Blandin, all of whom were born or currently based in France, will present a collection of works in various mediums which highlights the rich diversity and impact of French culture in today's contemporary art landscape.

Edmond Li Bellefroid’s (b.1987, Paris, France) romanticised paintings of nineteenth-century picturesque landscapes will continue to feature floating geometric shapes seemingly overlooking the scene from the sky. Its otherworldly form and bold colours invite viewers to question their relationship with the natural scenery. Are they witnessing the union of two realities or the invasion of one another? This intriguing juxtaposition is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Kean (b.1988, Mulhouse, France) is a graffiti artist and painter who captivates observers with the flawless beauty of his colour transitions. Displayed in a wide array of hues, his depictions of nature, with his individualised technique and mastery of colour gradients, convey a unique allure that inspires viewers to dream and reflect deeply. Enthralled by the colour transitions in the backdrops of his graffiti work, it was through photography that he developed the distinct white borders that encase his creations.

Lokz Phoenix (b.1986, Hong Kong, China) is a painter and ceramicist based in Paris. Her exhibited works will feature enchanting portrayals of the lush vegetation she encountered during her explorations in France and Asia. Through her masterful brushwork, Lokz infuses this often-overlooked greenery with an eerie and magical allure, beckoning viewers to immerse themselves in her whimsical forest realm. To further enhance her art's enchanting ambience, Lokz will adorn the exhibition walls with an added touch of wonder by incorporating ceramic slugs that seem to have crawled out of her paintings. 

Ricko Leung (b.1987, Hong Kong, China), a mixed-media artist and curator based in Paris, will present a captivating collection that reflects her enduring pursuit of resilience and healing in the face of adversity. This exhibition will also feature a new series of works inspired by her latest research in ecofeminism, beautifully intertwining the elements of nature and femininity. The process of creating these works was entirely driven by instinct, devoid of a predetermined vision of the final outcome, resulting in pieces that embrace randomness and delve into the themes of individuality and collectivity, metaphorically connecting everyday consumer choices to their impact on the ecosystem.

Timm Blandin’s (b.1987, Haute-Savoie, France) exquisite paintings of landscapes and everyday moments are characterised by a harmonious blend of vibrant colours, immersive compositions, and a contemplative quality that transcends the boundaries of dreams and reality. Using computer-aided creations alongside traditional painting methods to compose his works, Blandin seeks to uncover the often overlooked beauty in ordinary scenes, prompting viewers to reawaken their senses and find wonder in the simplicity of daily life.

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