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B.1988 | France

Kean is a French graffiti artist and painter based in Mulhouse, east of France. Self-taught, Kean developed a very personal way of painting which led him to transition from graffiti to abstraction.

The frame and the window are two important “components” in his approach. Whether rectangular in shape or representing a porthole, his works’ colour gradations and nuances are endowed with strong emotional power, inciting the viewer to daydream and contemplate. His creations possess an ethereal and atmospheric, yet often equally geometric and analytic quality that offers viewers similar experiences of the Light and Space movement originating from Southern California in the early 1960s, where artists placed the study of perceptual phenomena at the centre of their concerns, more specifically, light and space.

As a means of freeing oneself from time and ordinary space but also seen as an exercise of appeasement and balance, Kean’s work is a call to escape, travel, and look towards the world.