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Hong Kong | B.1987

Ricko Leung is a visual artist and independent curator living and working in Paris since 2014. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she draws inspiration from her multicultural identity and quotidian observations. Her artwork explores the complex relationship between personal experiences and wider social, political and natural environments, raising awareness and fostering dialogue about key issues that shape our society. Using various mediums such as ceramic, textile, photography and text, her artwork delves into topics such as fear and control, cultural identity and post-colonialism, trauma and healing, as well as our relationship with nature.

Fascinated by the enduring positions occupied by ceramics and textiles in the history of human civilisation, Ricko experiments with the multiple possibilities of combining and interacting with these two materials. Through her research and experimentation, she creates mixed-media works that deepen the understanding of human experience through a unique and personal visual language.