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Japan | B.1975

T9G is a Japanese sculptor whose artistic practice consists of soft vinyl works, sculptures and paintings. He is best known for being a sculptor who specialises in character modelling, following the theme of the Showa era with a nostalgic and tasteful style. T9G has created many characters throughout his career, and many of them have received immense popularity. Over the years, T9G has consistently reintroduced his signature character Rangeas in new and innovative ways.

After working with soft vinyl since 2003, his artistic direction shifted towards contemporary art, presenting at The Little Hut in 2018. Since then he has held solo exhibitions and actively participated in group shows and art fairs such as Art Basel. His works have been exhibited at Dot Dot Dot Gallery, JPS Gallery and Kaikai Kiki Gallery, to name a few. He has also collaborated with Takashi Murakami to create the giant sculptures of Rangeas using FRP and bronze in recent years. Although his primary focus has been on sculptures, he continues to create oil paintings reflecting his past.