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Japan | B.1989

With an interest in myths and folktales from around the world, she would transfer the wisdom derived from these stories onto her canvases. Feeling a great sense of concern towards modern society's tendency to rationalise and streamline everything in this world of science and technology, Reina believes that people can live a more fulfilling life if they unlock the infinite wisdom that myths and folktales carry. In the Mythology series, natural phenomena and objects were personified, while the Embrace series expresses how the giving and receiving relationship between humanity and all beings are inextricably linked. Her most recent Genesis series focuses on creation myths and their fundamental role in our understanding of how this world works.

Born in Toyama, Japan, Reina attended the University of Toyama from 2011 to 2013, earning a degree in Plastic Arts and a graduate degree in Art and Design. Her works have been exhibited in numerous museums and institutions across Japan, including Hamasaki Museum of Contemporary Art, Osaka; Furusato Museum of Art, Toyama; Tsukuba Museum of Art, Tokyo; Art Complex Centre, Tokyo; and O Museum, Tokyo, to name a few.