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Japan | B.1989

With interest in mythology and folklore, Reina draws inspiration from the tales and fables from around the world. She would reflect on the modern attitude towards nature and transfer the morals of the stories onto her canvases.

Reina believes that one could have a deeper connection with nature through studying mythology and folklore. Through her work, she hopes to re-establish the bond between people and nature as well as remind us to respect the environment. In her Dreamtime and Brand New Day series, she retells Aboriginal and Siberian folk stories to criticise the modern-day violent attitude towards nature while emphasising the interconnected relationship between humans and the environment.

Born in Toyama, Japan, Reina attended the University of Toyama from 2011 to 2013, earning a degree in Plastic Arts and a graduate degree in Art and Design. Her works have been exhibited in numerous museums and institutions across Japan, including Hamasaki Museum of Contemporary Art, Osaka; Furusato Museum of Art, Toyama; Tsukuba Museum of Art, Tokyo; Art Complex Centre, Tokyo; and O Museum, Tokyo, to name a few.