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25 Feb 2023


24 Mar 2023

Beginnings, endings and now

How was this world created? There are numerous creation myths passed down across the globe.

While some myths say that the world emerged from the corpse of a giant, others range from the world being born from an egg to the world being created by a Creator.

No one knows for sure how the world was created. The world is full of unknowns. In my opinion, people have formed societies by expanding on what they don't know with their imagination. Among other things, creation myths are fundamental to how this world works. How the world was created is integral to what the world is like and how it may end. This is not a story about the beginning but one about the end of the world and how we live in the present.

As I live in this world, I felt the need to face the creation myths in my way—how I see and interpret the world.

In this series, I worked on images of explosions and the beginning of the world superimposed on each other. This was an image I could not escape from for as long as I lived because of the scientists' Big Bang hypothesis. However, I do not believe that this explosion was a one-off event. A series of explosions have happened everywhere many times and may still be going on. Some explosions create worlds, while others do not. There can be a world that does not come into existence despite having all the elements needed for a beginning. This is what I believe.

The world is not created once, and the world does not end once. There is also more than one world, and their directions may not be uniform. There is a mixture of both established and developing worlds that continue to fluctuate at the moment. At any moment, they can explode and attempt to create yet another world.

I believe that the world is energy itself. It is not a straight line from beginning to end but a field of possibilities with diverse dimensions, including directions we have yet to perceive. I dare say that there will always be possibilities in the world, and hope will always exist.

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