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United States | B.1986

Royal Jarmon’s paintings and sculptures are vibrant expressions of reality that explore visual aesthetics, spatial imaginings, and perceptions of our surroundings. His work creates an alternate view of reality by exaggerating perspectives and forms, using saturating colours, and distorting recognisable objects, images, and items.

Royal’s works are concerned with social culture and popular human experiences as we navigate life and the world around us. Playing with our expectations for how landscapes, objects, and scenes are viewed and understood, fire escapes strewn with bottles, food detritus, and cans of soda and beer become playful landscapes and still lives. The spatial perspective is flattened, and the inanimate objects become living characters reflecting themes of consumption, leisure, and the every day, while also transforming this space with hyper colours, airbrushed backgrounds, and exaggerated scales into an illusionistic world. Royal’s works engage with contemporary digital and internet culture, making a direct dialogue with our current, present-day reality.

His work has been exhibited at The Hole (New York, NY, USA), L21 Gallery (Barcelona, Spain), Over the Influence (Hong Kong/Los Angeles), Plus-one Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium), Eric Firestone Gallery (Hamptons, NY, USA), as well a sculpture release with Case Studyo (Belgium). Select Publication features include Cool Hunting, New American Paintings, Artmaze Magazine. As well as residencies with Silver Arts in NYC and L21 in Mallorca, Spain.