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Seat's Taken

29 Sep 2023


25 Oct 2023

Calling all car lovers! JPS Gallery is thrilled to present Royal Jarmon’s highly anticipated solo show Seat’s Taken at Landmark Atrium. Presenting a captivating and daring display, the Brooklyn-based artist delves into the realms of human experience and popular culture by showcasing a series of seemingly flattened, birds-eye view of classic cars from the latter half of the 20th century, such as the timeless machine Porsche 911 and the iconic Ferrari’s Testarossa in 80s.

Fuelled by his keen observations of everyday objects and natural elements, Royal has been working on the vehicles he travelled with since his twenties. Known for his flattened spatial perspective and breathtakingly intricate display of complex subject matters, Royal’s bold brushstrokes and vibrant colour palette not only draw viewers’ attention but cleverly convey the allure of consumerism reminiscent of captivating advertisements. Through the distortion of perspective and space, Royal provides viewers with a multi-dimensional experience where they can witness the beauty of these classic cars in their entirety—from all sides at every angle in one painting. The deconstruction of the vehicles mirrors Royal’s ongoing exploration of perspective, distortions and beauty within the present world of art and culture.

In this exhibition, Royal’s refined and meticulous approach takes centre stage. The deliberate distortions and deconstruction of these iconic cars become even more pronounced from a birds-eye view, and Royal’s emphasis on the visual distortions ironically subverts the inherent stability of these vehicles. The infusion of ambiguous humour within Royal’s flattened automobiles will drive viewers to further investigate the interconnectedness of popular culture and human experience through a surrealistic lens.

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