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Australia | B.1991

Saki Chiara creates around the theme of universe, beauty, love and light. Her positive works invite the audience to be imaginative and embrace all the exciting happenings our world and the universe has to offer.

Saki’s interest in the wonders of the universe began at a young age. The artist grew up by the sea in Shonan, Japan, where she was introduced to the life and wonders of the ocean. Her spiritual consciousness continues to develop after moving to Bondi Beach in her early 20s, where she began her Beings of Universe series. She created many friendly spirits and beings from outer space who visit us on Earth with a warm smile. Her works imagine a place where different beings live in harmony and without hatred, spreading the peaceful message of unity and love. Her positive works are like a welcoming beam of light that warm people’s hearts.

Saki was born in Shonan, Japan, to an Italian-Australian father and a Japanese mother. Before becoming an artist, Saki undertook ten years of acting and singing training. She is currently based in Tokyo and Sydney.