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30 Mar 2022


29 Apr 2022

For world peace, spoken by the stars and Muu Nanahoshi.

Since childhood, she has instinctively drawn and painted. Based on her own experiences and ideas, she continued to express a world that transcends time and reality through her ink and brushes, all linked by the theme of "the world is all connected".

She has a unique perspective on the unconscious world of dreams and reality. Filtering the past, the present and the future of the world through the themes of nature and life, the human world and cosmic existence, the birth of all things and reincarnation, while considering her own feelings and the people she met, her experiences from childhood to the present.

Inspired by nature, and together with the landscapes and memories of my childhood, Hoshigatari explores the existence of 'stars', one that she cherishes, and probes the existence of life and the universe with the hope for peace in the world.

The word "Hoshigatari" means messages from the stars and the cosmos, as well as messages conveyed by Muu Nanahoshi herself. The 'stars' speak, and Muu Nanahoshi herself speaks through her artwork.


Even when the COVID-19, disasters and conflicts terrify the entire human race, butterflies flap their wings, flowers bloom and spring sparkle. The stars, the sky and the moon are always present, unchanged, and always gentle — one of these stars.

Countless shining stars.

The infinite universe.

Nature with its unknown power.

I believe that there is an entity that connects, purifies, and keeps everything in harmony; I believe that nothing changes; I believe that the entity transcends time, space, and life. Rinkle is the origin of all things and the invisible being that keeps everything in harmony. Rinkle purifies the world and connects all things, the sea, the sky, the stars, the earth, fire, light and everything else.

The Strawberry Goldfish portrays itself as a saviour who purifies us.

And this world is full of buildings.

And this world is full of viruses.

Or a world of exhaust fumes with no nature.

Perhaps there is a lot of nature, gods and spirits that have lived in the past, and their presence somehow manages to harmonise and purify the disorders in the world. So even though the world has been destroyed so many times, nature will find a way to recover it, little by little.

They are really there, just not visible. All over the world, all over the universe. Everyone is surrounded by nature, water and light. Someone must be quietly protecting our happiness and purifying the world.

This is what I think.

I am sure that when you look up at the sky, the stars will speak to you.

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Tokyo, Japan
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