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Japan | B.1979

Muu’s paintings present a world that transcends time and reality. Inspired by the country sceneries of her childhood – houses, trees, stones, flowers, moon and stars, she creates a picturesque fantasy world that blurs the boundaries of reality on her canvases. With a vibrant colour palette and her signature dreamy motifs of Strawberry Goldfish, Daifukumochis, the Moon and the Ocean, as well as the interesting three-dimensional technique, Muu’s works bring a unique angle to the exploration of dreams and realities.

Since childhood, Muu has absorbed herself in painting with her fingers, stones and wood chips. Every day, she has dreams as vivid as movies in which characters and universes emerge from her subconscious, blurring the line between reality and dreams. Her works contemplate upon dreams, ideals and realities as well as the concept of past, present, and future, mingled with her inner hardships, joys, and sorrows. She filters the world through her mind, and the paintings are illustrations of the world through her lens.

Muu was born in Japan. Before becoming a professional artist, Muu worked as an art director in one of the biggest advertising agencies in Japan. In her most recent project, Rinkle, she explores the themes of nature and the cosmos. Her lively characters travel through different natural environments on Earth and the universe, making us wonder about our existence and the origin of everything around us. Muu won numerous artist prizes including, Jury Special Prize at the Selected Artist Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2017; Gold Prize at the Heart Art in Lisbon in 2016; Chairman Award at the Selected Artist Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2016. The artist now lives and works in Tokyo.