Stars Power

11 Jun 2021


21 Jul 2021

The world is connected across time and space, anytime and anywhere. A straight milk road starts from a spaceship. The Moon, Milk, and Strawberry Goldfish swimming in the sky and the sea, they purify the world. Flowers are "flowers of life and time" with a profound meaning.

"Rinkle" who creates the universe and life, exists beyond space-time. It became the sea, the forest, the clouds, and transcended the present, past, and space-time. The origin of all things, the existence of the universe itself. 

I watch every selcouth thing through my life. Over the head of "Rinkle" is a city in the real world, like an aeroplane flying over it. But sometimes opal tears flow from the eyes of "Rinkle". Opal tears transform into soap bubbles and jellyfish, leading the world to peace. Stars are drawn up in the orphic works. The Big Dipper and Orion are made up of seven stars, and Cassiopeia in the shape of an "M". 

When I was little, I made a wish to these stars. Stars are very important to me. I believe that the stars will grant my wishes. Life and nature, the fabric of what we are. For the prevail of the essentials, to stellify. For people to see my work and be happy. 

I am painting with a wish. May the world always be peaceful. When You Wish Upon a Star. 

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