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Inner Dialogue

1 Jun 2023


30 Jun 2023

This is one of my most profound introspective journeys, where my emotions have been pushed to the limit multiple times. In fact, I have gone through several emotional breakdowns throughout this process. Yet, I have continuously learned more about myself at a higher level (a more appropriate description would be ‘depth’ because I believe that psychology will always be an unfathomable concept) or even a deeper understanding of human nature’s brilliance and its dark side.

All the exhibited works in Inner Dialogue are manifestations of my feelings and are true to life. My interest in human psychology developed over the recent years, so I have read many books on this topic. This time I allowed myself to have a more in-depth dialogue with my inner self. During this process, I had to open back up old wounds over and over again, awakening emotional turmoils that I had already made peace with in the past. Speaking of which, you may wonder if this is self-abuse. Is it necessary? My answer is, yes, it is a highly self-abusive process yet an inevitable and vital process where one can face their true self.

This exhibition’s creative and painting process allowed me to contemplate life, question the actual pursuit of life and what I value the most in life. This thought process further divides into my various psychological conditions, including my views on the world, including one’s that I am usually unaware of throughout the day. Carrying an oil lap, I make my way to the depths of my heart. Step by step, I travel further down my subconscious world. Inner Dialogue encompasses its entirety and everything I have discovered.

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