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Moon Lands On Man

28 Jul 2023


17 Sep 2023

Prepare to embark on a journey that challenges your preconceptions, confronts your beliefs, and invites you to examine the fine line between skepticism and faith. “Moon Lands On Man: Unveiling the Moon Landing Hoax" will leave you with a heightened awareness of the complexities of human nature and the enduring power of conspiracy theories in shaping our understanding of the world.

“Moon Lands On Man” aims to provoke critical thinking and encourage dialogue about the nature of truth, the influence of media, and the human tendency to question established narratives. Through art's powerful language, we seek to explore the ways in which conspiracy theories permeate our collective consciousness, shaping our perceptions of reality and challenging the authority of official accounts.

A computer wrote that. I asked ChatGPT to describe this show, a show it’s never seen and knows nothing about. It feels eerily like having a conversation with HAL from 2001. And what we end up with is ChatGPT creating a bunch of synthetic art speak. And of course it’s fake. But it does exist so in some sense it’s real. But it’s also fake. Kind of like all of the cardboard artwork in the show. It is simultaneously real and fake. It really depends on what your expectation is. If you expect that you are holding a real Star Wars toy, then it’s fake. But if you expect that it is a piece of art, then it’s real.

I make these works because it’s fun to make and I think people enjoy looking at and playing with it and basically interacting with artwork in a way that is different from the traditional gallery experience. I honestly come at this with very little pretence. My main purpose is to create something that is fun for me and hopefully fun for you. Of course, there are deeper issues embedded in this work that deal with fake news, conspiracy theories and the nature of reality. It’s there. But I’ll let you sortt that out.

Did the moon land on a man?

No, the moon did not land on a man.

Of course you’d say that.

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