Questers and the Tables

28 Nov 2020


30 Dec 2020

This exhibition is my review and reflection on what happened at the beginning of 2020. This year is destined to be an unusual year. The new year started with a global standstill. For the first time ever, the whole world was shut down. We began to keep social distance with others, isolated and confined in our own bubbles. But even in the life of solitude, Questers never stopped exploring. They are still seeking adventures from the world and beyond, finding knowledge, truth and philosophy that eventually formed a connection that is beyond physical.

As a result, their Tables became the starting point of the journey. The place of gatherings and witness of our joys and sorrows became the temple of newfound knowledge where creativity and humanities flourish. But perhaps most importantly, it became a space for meditation and connection to our inner selves. Finding the spiritual paths for the mind to equip ourselves for the ever-changing world. In this sense, the Questers are not alone, but instead, united by the same actions and values, joined together in a fight for the betterment. Like the Questers, we are isolated yet connected, just as the world was stopped, but it never ceases to be moving forward.


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