The Magical Hoop

18 Dec 2021


17 Jan 2022

I use the circle as a symbol of “connection,” exploring the distance between people and the concept of “home”.

The Tokyo Olympics finally opened in 2021 after a year of delay. Under the threat of the pandemic, the stands were empty, and the five rings representing the union of the five continents was the only way to restore the confidence of humanity. In the same year, my relatives and close friends left the city one after another. I imagine how great it would be for everyone to have Doraemon’s Pass Loop and Anywhere Door, then we would be able to embrace our loved ones anytime and anywhere.

For the future of all humankind and exploration of the unknown, the space race has intensified in the human world. Through the circular windows of their spacecrafts, the elites bid farewell to Earth and turn towards the spectacular interstellar space. With the development of technology, human beings have been brought closer together yet simultaneously, further apart. For this reason, I think it is necessary for everyone to understand the concept of “home”. To me, “home” is an essential element that constitutes your personality and the fundamental element that allows you to answer the question of “who am I”. It is not a physical space but constructed with a series of memories stacked together that formed the concept of “home” and “self”. Therefore, in this exhibition, the concept of “home” and “distance” are multidimensional.

The circle is a full moon, the black hole, a hug, and a parting. It is the link that connects everything, it is a symbol of infinite possibilities.

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