Nanahoshi Muu (MOO)

MOO’s paintings present a world of that transcend through time and reality. Inspired by the country sceneries of her childhood – houses, trees, stones and pavements, she creates a picturesque fantasy world that blurred the boundaries of reality on her canvases. With a vibrant color palette, and her signature dreamy motifs of Strawberry Goldfish, Daifukumochis, the moon and ocean, as well as the interesting three-dimensional technique, MOO’s works, brought a unique angle in the exploration of being, dreams and reality.

Born in 1979 as Nanahoshi Muu, MOO now lives and works in Tokyo. Before becoming a professional artist, MOO worked as an artistic director in an advertising agency. Her most recent project ‘Toockey Potter’, a half-bear, half-cat pottery character.

MOO works were recently featured in Expo Dome, Taipei (2019); Starfield COEX Mall, Seoul (2019); Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo (2020); World Art Dubai (2020); The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (2021).

Girl Power

24 Oct - 22 Nov 2020
JPS Area 36
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan