Horihiro Mitomo 2018


Horihiro Mitomo is the traditional Japanese tebori tattoo artist and Ukiyo-e painter from Tokyo Japan

Most inked work of art by Horihiro are done by hand which combines art of the past , Japanese tattoos portray to traditional Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Ukiyo-e—a term that translates to “pictures of the floating world” the world of uncertainty, which is used in Buddhist context. Two is the world of pleasure. Three is life or society.

They were vibrant in color, and dealt with many different subjects. Traditional Japanese tattooing combine the old with the new to create pieces that to delicate works of art.

JPS Gallery are honor to team up with Three Tides Tattoo and Secretbase presenting his 1st pop up installation “JPS maneki-neko temple” from 11 Jan 2018 till 31 Jan 2018.

An Original painting of Lucky Cat by Japanese artist Horihiro Mitomo and 200 Lucky Cats sofubi vinyl will be displaying during the show. (People who stop by the show can preorder 1 Lucky Cat. Each of one come with a wooden coa with numbered, stock are limited, first come first serve)


Pop-up Installation

11 - 31 Jan 2018 (Public)

10:00 - 19:00 (Mon - Fri)
*14:00 - 15:30 (Close for lunch)
10:00 - 14:00 (Sat)

Close on Sunday & holiday