Okokume : Inside



Public Open:
18 Jan - 21 Feb 2021
11:00 - 19:00 Mon - Sat
11:00 - 17:00 Sun & holiday

Venue :
Shops 218-219, 2/F, Landmark Atrium,
15 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


JPS Art Gallery is pleased to present INSIDE, an exhibition of paintings by Okokume, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location in LANDMARK ATRIUM. The exhibition marks the artist’s third solo show with the gallery in Hong Kong. The presented works are to-date, the most intimate series created by the artist – exploring the inside of her mind and soul.  

In this exhibition, Okokume roots her pop surrealistic works in subjective feelings and experience, where she uses her signature character, Cosmic Girl, as her spirit to learn about her feelings and breaking down emotional walls. The paintings are personal and emotionally raw, which the artist manifested through her intense coloration of the Cosmic World in which the characters are set in the dreamy environment that heightens a pervasive tension, showing the inside of her world – a place where the artist was able to freely express herself. 

Okokume began painting Cosmic Girl in 2015. The character was first created by the artist as her attempt to raise awareness of the environmental problems we are currently facing. The pink-haired and turquoise-skinned spirit roams in the universe to preach the importance of protecting our planet. In 2018, accompanying her second solo exhibition, the artist created an educational illustration book for children to highlight her message. In this exhibition, we see a personal maturity of Okokume, which is reflected in the significant shift in the role of Cosmic Girl.



Spain | B. 1985

Okokume, also known as Laura Mas Hernandez, is best known for her signature character Cosmic Girl. The pink-haired spirit with turquoise skin is the universe’s messenger to spread the importance of protecting the environment. She travels in space and tends to the planets in need and restore them to their former glory.

Her Lowbrow style of creating reflected the influences of Japanese manga, American cartoon and street culture. Her gleeful and colorful works transports the audience into the universe of Cosmic Girl and her companions, preaching the positive messages they believe in. Her cheerful and positive works are met with much popularity, making her one of the fastest growing contemporary artists.

Okokume was born in 1985 in Barcelona. She graduated from the renown Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design in Barcelona. Her works have been widely exhibited in galleries and art fairs in cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Los Angeles and Berlin, to name but a few. Her biggest solo exhibition to date was held in 2018 at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong and have achieved numerous satisfying auction records in 2020. She now lives and shares a studio with her partner, artist Okrabelo in Barcelona.

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