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10 Jul 2024


10 Aug 2024

As the Paris Olympics 2024 captivates the world, Galerie j / is pleased to present “Off-Piste”, a group exhibition offering a parallel exploration of themes that extend beyond traditional sports. Set against this global event, "Off-Piste" leverages the dual meaning of its title – a skiing term also signifying defying norms – to present a collection of thought-provoking and transformative artworks. Reflecting the Olympics' celebration of diversity and inclusivity, the exhibition aims to be an inclusive art showcase featuring a wide range of mediums, including painting, installation art, and mixed media.

This exhibition gathers works from three artists hailing from different countries, each contributing unique viewpoints on competition, sustainability, and the human condition. Together, these pieces invite viewers to reflect on environmental responsibilities, societal values, and the boundaries we impose on ourselves and others.

Drawing inspiration from the relentless drive of athletes, French artist Anouchka Gérard's work draws parallels to how art can transcend the constraints of its medium. Her work is characterised by a profound exploration of protection, transformation, and introspection through different techniques such as carving, detaching from glass, and intricate stitching. Her creations, exemplified by pieces like "Corset Habité" and "Resting Piece" transcend mere representation to evoke deeper themes of resilience and vulnerability. Each artwork symbolises a journey of metamorphosis and contemplation, where everyday materials are imbued with symbolic meaning, offering viewers a poetic refuge amidst the complexities of contemporary life.

Similarly inspired by the way athletes push their physical limits at the Olympics, Spanish artist DOURONE's work serves as a stark reminder that our planet is also nearing critical thresholds. His vibrant, surrealist-inspired pieces challenge us to think about sustainability and harmonious coexistence with nature. Through his brightly coloured pieces, he addresses the palpable threat of global warming and the urgent need for environmental awareness.

Chinese artist Mao Yu Qiu merges roles within competitive environments, questioning our self-perception and place in competition dynamics. She has transformed the competitive dual- player sport of table tennis into a concept akin to a single-player sport, reflecting the internal and external conflicts experienced in sports and exploring the boundaries between the participant, the opponent, and the spectator. This innovative perspective invites viewers to contemplate their roles and interactions within the broader context of competition.

"Off-Piste" calls audiences to reflect on the broader implications of sports and competition. It invites audiences to reconsider the environmental, social, and personal boundaries we encounter and strive to overcome.

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