The Garden

10 Mar 2022


4 Apr 2022

This series of paintings transports viewers back to primordial times through a unique, contemporary lens. Inspired by the story of Adam & Eve, the artist depicts the transformation of the human psyche from a state of innocence to that of consciousness. She explores the different psychological stages of the becoming of man through the use of a stick-like figurine in a world filled with vibrant landscapes and earthly delights. With a stick-like silhouette of just four limbs, a head, and non-descript body, the figurine epitomises the most basic and fundamental form of human being. Characteristic of the figurine are it’s genderless, raceless, undefined and ambiguous qualities, allowing it to manifest itself as a “universal man”.

By capturing the pivotal moment that this figurine consumes the forbidden fruit of knowledge, the artist illuminates the intrinsic flaws of human nature and details the emergence of consciousness as we know it. Using ancient mythological symbols and narratives, she creates a fictional, primordial space that is inspired by the visual languages of the present. Physical reality is abstracted into dream-like forms of familial landscapes, with ques taken from the internet and virtual worlds of the modern era. The yellow figurine who is situated in these portrayals is not simply just one man, woman, or being. Rather, in its fundamental austereness, it is all beings, and perhaps even, all of us. To communicate the story of the universal man; to capture the shared imperfections, experiences, and destinies of what it means to be human — these motivations are at the very core of what so acutely drove the artist to paint this series.



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""Saper vedere" ("knowing how to see")"

Tokyo, Japan


Landmark Atrium, Hong Kong