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THE WAY Which one will you choose? ー Going my way ー

14 Sep 2023


7 Oct 2023

The way is ‘unknown’.

And so is the ‘heart’.

Going my way.

Living my life.

There is a way in the sky.

There is a way in the water.

There must be a way into the light. 

There is a way of life too.

The little things

What you don’t see

What you don’t notice

Feel the small forces

Look up to the sky and embrace hope

Gaze down and make small discoveries

Look up, there is light

If you look down, there is light too

Look up and look down, discover and walk around.

Ways can come naturally

Or you can create it yourself

For better or for worse

There is light at the end of the rough road

There is light at the end of the gentle way

There are many lights on the big road

The world is all connected

Beyond time, space and the universe

In invisible ways

And ways you can see

Everything is connected

If you ever get lost...

That’s the middle of the way

You can go back

You can go on

You can stop.

Or you can make a new one

If we want to fly, we can leave and take off.

If you want to go deep, you can dive deep, deep.

All this makes the heart feel the way.


Because the way is there

The way of the universe

The way of humans

The way of animals

The way of plants

Let’s live by feeling the way!

Light and darkness on the way

Light is darkness

Darkness is light

Always a set

Where there is light, there is darkness

Where there is darkness, there is light

Your light

Your darkness

The ‘way’ is always two ways, one behind the other.

Whichever you choose

It’s just a different way.

There will always be light and darkness ahead.

If only I had chosen another way in a parallel world. There are many ways, if I had chosen a different way, a different future.

There must be many parallel worlds. No matter which way you choose. It is all correct.

Life will surely be plus or minus zero.

On a starry night

And mornings when the sun rises

Light and shadow

Up and down, right and left

Which way will you choose?

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