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Nowhere —> Now Here

11 Sep 2022


9 Oct 2022

Nowhere —> Now Here brings together three artists who share their fascination for female figure in contemporary art. The stories of women living in different times and different lands serve as inspiration to Arashi M, MOMO YAMA and Shintaro Inoue and in Nowhere —>Now Here each artist captures the momentary perceptions of women in uniquely distinct styles creating portraits of women who each symbolise their era. 

Arashi M, MOMO YAMA and Shintaro Inoue, coming from different stages of life, represent three different generations and have the ability to depict women who are not only iconic during their time for their fashion but also for their way of life. Each canvas embodies the breadth and fluctuations of values within the era the painting depicts. 

In MOMO YAMA’s portraits of classic beauties, he weaves together vignettes of memories, stories and fashion that serve to elaborate on the way of life in Paris during the 1920s. Multidisciplinary artist Arashi M focuses on depicting a diverse group of women during the early Shōwa period (1926-1945), a time of social reformation for women in Japan and human relationships had yet to be disrupted by technology. Shintaro Inoue who applies his Japanese calligraphy background, uses clean lines and luminous pigments in bold combinations to illustrate abstract female figures that best represent the current times.

This exhibition presents a series of portraits that encourage the act of inquiry into the past events that led us to this present moment. It reminds us once again that the information we receive with our five senses in the here and now is everything, and that life is a series of points that lead us to the present. 

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JPS Gallery


Tokyo, Japan
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